Model Portfolios

A model portfolio is a book or folio featuring images that sell your suitability for modeling jobs you are pitching for. The best model portfolios have diversity, and get you noticed.

If you would like to get photos for a modelling portfolio done, we can help you, by designing a model photography session which includes a full beauty makeover and stunning images.
Have your portfolio pictures photographed in magnificent locations, with a magazine look. Enjoy professional portfolio photography- and own all the photos that day, at the end of the shoot. You're free to use the images for your own purposes, any way you like! You get all the high resolution originals to keep.

We know how to create the right look for you. Great photos will help you make the best first impression you possibly can- whether you're pursuing a modelling career, or simply looking to get photos done to boost self-confidence.

We shoot in art-deco interiors, studio, your home, or your favourite location.

We guide you through poses which work for your body shape and the style of outfits you have brought to the shoot.

When you have your portfolio photography, we'll use lighting that flatters you. We'll teach you how to stand, sit and move through different poses so that results look natural and enhancing. You'll be able to use these skills on future shoots.
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Reggie Singh is a accomplished professional photographer, digital strategist and social media influencer based in Melbourne, Australia.