Indian Wedding Photography

As an Indian wedding photographer in Melbourne, I capture Indian weddings with my unique photography style which is a blend of glamour and photojournalism, with an emphasis on composition and lighting. I will capture some of the spontaneity of those candid moments, while offering a plethora of modern posed shots. Why settle for one style when you can have it all in one, which only comes with talent and experience working with Indian weddings.

Delivering creative Indian wedding photography, excellent customer service and on time delivery are some of my top priorities.

I understand the uniqueness of Indian weddings. The wedding ceremony itself and the days prior are filled with color, customs and sometimes chaos :) That is why Reggie Singh Creative will consult with you well in advance of your wedding to create a service plan that is tailored to ensure your wedding photos and video reflect the importance and atmosphere of your wedding day.

We are truly passionate about Weddings and believe that "a photo tells a thousand words" - We use state of the art technology to capture the spirit and emotion of your special day and produce remarkable photos that tell the story of your Indian wedding.

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Reggie Singh is a accomplished professional photographer, digital strategist and social media influencer based in Melbourne, Australia.