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Prepping for Photo Shoots – The Night Before
No one photo shoot is the same. The theme, the costumes, the make-up, the location; they always differ. The night before a shoot may seem pretty daunting for even the most experienced models. Being prepared well enough for an upcoming shoot is of paramount importance and helps greatly in feeling confident and sewed-up the next day.
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How to Take Head Shots Like a Professional Photographer?
A headshot is the first contact point between you and the viewers. These viewers could be anyone; from a potential employer to a casting agent to a blog reader. Headshots serve a similar purpose to that of a logo. They bring out your personality and speak way more than plain text. It is indeed an important tool to create that first digital impression.
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Flirting With Disaster? 10 simple rules for Instagram flirting
Valentine’s Day was so simple before the age of social media. If you had a crush, all you had to do to make your feelings known was give him or her a chalky candy heart or a cheap foil valentine. But in the age of Instagram, flirtation has evolved into a more delicate art. Thanks to a bevy of dating apps and social media platforms, your crush’s phone is constantly being inundated with push notifications from potential suitors, which makes it impossible for you to stand out from the fray.
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The 10 Commandments for an Indian Pre-Wedding Photoshoot
Pre-wedding shoots are important as it shows a bond between the couples-to-be. The emotions captured by the wedding photographer epitomizes romance and love. Whether you hire a professional makeup artist and a photographer for your pre-wedding shoot or get it done on your own, there are a few best practices to follow.
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Hindu Wedding Photography Poses – Beautiful Pre-Wedding Poses for a Hindu Bride
Weddings are all beautiful. With the ceremonies, rituals, vows and most importantly the dreams that follow ahead. But what makes Indian weddings the most glorious of all the weddings across the globe is the pretty and coy bride in her colorful rich ensemble. The bride and the groom certainly provide an eyeful vision to the onlookers.
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Reggie Singh is a accomplished professional photographer, digital strategist and social media influencer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Professional Photography

I am a versatile professional photographer with studios located in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. My photography style is a unique brand of glamour, lifestyle and photo-journalism that is suitable for model portfolios, corporate and professional headshots, fashion catalogues and weddings.

glamour photography melbourne

I work closely in conjunction with a Stylist, Hair and Makeup Artist to conceive glamorous concepts to suit each individual client. Some clients come to me with specific concepts in mind or prefer shooting in the comfort of their own environment. Read more....

wedding photography melbourne

I provide a unique style of wedding photography that is deeply rooted in creative photo-journalism. I believe that the best wedding photos are those that capture spontaneity and raw emotion. Read more....

model portfolio photography

A model portfolio is a book or folio featuring images that sell your suitability for modeling jobs you are pitching for. The best model portfolios have diversity, and get you noticed. Read more....

indian wedding photography melbourne

I capture Indian weddings with my unique photography style which is a blend of glamour and photojournalism, with an emphasis on composition and lighting. I will capture some of the spontaneity of those candid moments, while offering a plethora of modern posed shots. Read More....

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